Midnight Wanderer by PedroQuintela1

The great Carl Sagan once wrote that “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere”.
My today´s image is my first step on a different reality to me. Imagine yourself be at night, sitting on a narrow castle wall from the 13th century at 800 meters of altitude contemplating the Milky Way. How many person before me did it on the same spot? Well, that happened to me some weeks ago.

On the technical side, this is a single exposure at ISO 6400, on a night with almost no moon light, with a cold WB. The raw file was processed in LR and Adobe PSE. It would be better shooted with a wide F/2.8 lens, but because I don´t have one, used my trusty Canon 17-40 L F/4. Perhaps in a near future I will thought about buying a new one for this jobs. Any thoughts? :)

I hope you enjoy this moment, at least a bit, because we feel so alive! I want to thank my friends Guilhermo Marques for helping me with the logistics and Ahmed Altayeb on the detailing of the processed.
Finally my biggest thank you to all the friends that so loyally support me every single time I post an image. It´s such a privilege! Happy shooting.

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Strange Existence by Shainblum

View on black please :)

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Arizona has some of the most clear skies I have ever seen, on this night the galaxy was extremely clear to the naked eye, This photo actually didn’t require much editing at all and it is taken from one single RAW file. This was taken on Toby Harriman and my storm chasing trip a few months ago. We were on our way to Utah and stopped here to camp, funny enough this night ended up being my favorite shoot of the entire trip.

I really hope you guys enjoy the photo!

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