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Man, that Tatoosh range in Washington goes on and on forever, so why stop at 2 O’s?

I have on good authority that if you view this image on black, one baby unicorn will be born. Just sayin’.

I’ve hit Mt. Rainier a few times this season and both times I’ve been treated to some very nice conditions. The flowers are probably past prime now, but boy, it’s a magical place. If you don’t have it on your list, well, put it on there!

I don’t typically do Pano’s, but this scene was really screaming at me to do so. With a wide angle lens Mountains can get REALLY small– Dare I say inconsequential, in a composition. This was shot at at a medium telephoto distance and the full size stitch is probably 14000 pixels wide.

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An Odd Collection by everlookphotography

Remarkable Rocks
Kangaroo Island

This is a spot I’d love to reshoot some day – a few visits and some OK conditions but would love either clear skies for star shots or colour beyond grey skies! The morning had been spent shooting into the sunrise with a different set of rocks and small godrays. After nearly packing up and leaving, the sun shone through on occasion which led to this shot with light passing over the tops of the rocks looking east.

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